September 2015 - Coach and Principal Session

October 2015 - Mini PLO

The Research on Writing: Why Students Need to Write (Joe Ginotti)

Staring at the Blank Page: How do I Start? (Using Text Sets)

Coaching + Math = Yes, You Can!

Principles to Guide Your Work with Study Groups

Not a Tech Coach? Adding Technology Tools to your Instructional Toolbox

November 2015 - Strategies and Scaffolding Close Reading of Complex Text

January 2016 Mini PLO

The Research on Writing 9.0: Nurturing Effective Classroom Practice

Meeting the Challenge: Coaching Writing through the BDA Process

Coaching Understanding of Nonfiction Texts through Questions and Signposts

Literacy Design Collaborative and the Coach: A Supportive Partner in Module Design and Implementation

Close Reading with Non-Traditional Texts

February 2016 - Secondary Coach Network Meeting at DCTS

Video: Success in the New Economy by Kevin Fleming

February 2016 - Elementary Coach Network Meeting