I would love to hear reactions to this. It reminds me a little of Readicide.

Good article on the direction of AP classes (strong Backwards Design connection), check it out if you have a chance: Mark

Great article that brings together research on "reading" in the 21st Century. Used this in an in-service with success as it created great conversations. Mark

Interesting news brief from NCTM:
beginning results on research on math coaches

Article by W. James Popham on the difference between formative-assessment and summative-assessments
Understanding the formative-assessment process

ASCD EdLeadership article about screenagers
Too Dumb for Text?

Opening Classroom Doors
Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud Blog

For those of you who work with middle school 'tweeners', here's an interesting blog
Teaching Secrets: Get Back in Touch With Your Inner Student

Here is 14 minute video clip of Jim Knight coaching a 7th grade Language Arts teacher. Interesting to watch the partnership principles in action.
Talking About Teaching

Interesting article about digital book clubs. Anyone want to try?

ASCD Express all about coaching. Interesting link to David Sousa's article "Brain-Friendly Learning for Teachers"

EdLeadership article, co-written by a former teacher from Harrisburg who is now a PIIC mentor, offering advice for districts that eliminate coaching positions.

Except from Robert Marzano's book:
Coaching Classroom Instruction:Chapter 1

Edutopia blog:
These ten alternatives sound interesting. Post comments if you can work with a teacher trying any.
Beyond the Book Report: Ten Alternatives